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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Twin Contracting, awareness of our company’s sustainable development has always been a top priority. With acute cognizance of the impact of our business on society, we address and implement our Corporate Social Responsibility in many areas:

Environmental Awareness and Management:

With our affiliation with LEED and the Canada Green Building Council, we are continually developing our knowledge of green design and building with environmental and social awareness.

Responsible Growth of Employees and Company:

Long term employment has always been a major strength within the growth of Twin Contracting as a company. With more than 25+ years of service with some of our employees, we offer a great background of training and skilled experience within our industry. Personal development and Health & Safety Training programs are highly prioritized in order to increase our level of service and performance at all times.

Hiring Practice:

The focus of employee recruitment at Twin Contracting has always been based upon the company’s aspiration to maintain long-term employment of our staff. Our objective is to provide our employees with a sense of pride and fulfillment from their work and as a result achieve a high record of quality control. In pursuit of long-term growth, employees are encouraged to take active roles in the business development of the company.

In accordance with AODA compliance, our office provides barrier-free accessibility and our staff members are all trained within its standards.

Co-op / Internship / Youth Training:

Twin Contracting is very active in providing seasonal employment and paid co-op/internship to students from several local universities and community colleges. We have recruited several graduates for full-time positions, both in the office and on site.

At Twin Contracting, it is our belief that good leadership is an invaluable requirement for our business to be successful. We take pride in our position of leadership and the experience of mentoring students and new graduates by sharing industry knowledge and skills. The role of mentoring not only motivates and inspires any new member of the workplace, but strengthens our recruitment, promotes managerial growth and enhances job productivity, which in turn, contributes to the success of our project management and its quality control.

Social Procurement:

Close and long-term working relationships with our consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors have been an integral part of our success in project management and completion. Our philosophy is that we must all work together as a team in order to achieve and maintain quality control over all our projects.

Social Contributions and Activities:

Twin Contracting has always recognized our responsibility to give back to the community by supporting numerous non-profit organizations in their fund-raising efforts.