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TWIN Contracting was founded in 1989. With decades of business experience within the construction industry, Twin Contracting has developed and maintained a close and consistent relationship with its client base. We ensure quality workmanship for green field construction, expansion renovations and interior retrofits for all commercial/institutional/industrial applications. A variety of services are offered through our construction management team to accommodate unique projects with Twin’s standard of excellence.

Our professional staff members are unique to the industry, with a wide range of training and skilled experience. Continuing education for technical advancement, personal development, and health & safety training programs are prioritized in order to increase the company’s levels of service and performance. We have been pro-active in applying for our COR {Certificate of Recognition) registration with IHSA (Infrastructure Health and Safety Association) in 2017, for its 2018 implementation.

With awareness that this certification would become a mandate with many of our clients by 2020, we are fully committed to an effective and responsible health and safety management system within our company.

In addition, we are continually developing our knowledge of green design, as we are lEED affiliated with the Canada Green Building Council; and persistently building with environmental and social awareness. This practice allows us to deliver quality construction services in order to fulfill our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Throughout the duration of the project, a representative from our firm is on site to oversee the work performed by our sub-contractors. A project manager is also appointed to ensure that proper procedures are carried out for successful project delivery. In an effort to maintain quality and control costs, Twin Contracting will often perform some portion of the work with our own manpower. This work is selective and within the limits of our abilities and the boundaries of our licenses. Additionally, Twin Contracting is compliant to all regulations pertaining to the confidentiality of our clients.

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